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As people are living longer, long-term care planning is a vital component of comprehensive financial planning, estate planning and tax preparation. I work with professionals like yourself both in and outside of Connecticut to help safeguard their client’s income and assets in retirement.


I represent only top-rated insurance carriers and assist clients with a full spectrum of long-term care insurance solutions. These include the traditional stand-alone products and the newer asset based or hybrids that are life insurance and annuity driven products.

I also represent companies offering funding solutions for clients who are no longer insurable due to age or health history with medically underwritten annuities to help pay for care. If producing income for the community spouse is needed I offer Medicaid annuities as well.

There are two important things to determine as a client plans to fund long-term care insurance. One is how much they can afford to contribute to their long-term care expenses and the other is affordability of the product they purchase. I will do a comprehensive analysis to provide the best solution for each client to give them peace of mind.


I’m here to answer any questions you may have and look forward to partnering with you to assist your clients in developing a long-term care plan.


I can be reached at 1-833-REEDLTC (1-833-733-3582) or

111 Founders Plaza, Suite 1706, East Hartford, CT 06108

1-833-REEDLTC (733-3582)

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